About Us

Decades ago, HARLINGEN aspired to supply various metal cutting tools and toolholding parts with reliable quality to the industrial fields when it was established in Lodi Italy in the early 1980s. It mainly worked for renowned companies in Europe and the North America.

Up to now, HARLINGEN has been active in more than 40 countries and regions, supplying directly to major automotive and aircraft manufacturing industry as well as distributing through an array of industrial supply channels. Thanks to additional fulfillment facility strategically located in Los Angeles (for Pan America) and Shanghai (For Asia area), HARLINGEN is currently serving customers globally with standard metal cutting tools and customized ones.


Product Warranty

Starting from a forged steel blanks up to the finished polygon shank holders with super high accuracy, HARLINGEN makes ALL procedures in its 35000㎡ workshops certified by ISO 9001:2008. Every single process is strictly processed and controlled in-house by ourselves, utilizing the most advanced facilities like MAZAK, HAAS, STUDER, HARDINGE. HAIMER, ZOLLER, ZEISS ... are applied to ensure 1 YEAR warranty for each HARLINGEN product.

Based on extremely strict quality control, HARLINGEN PSC, Hydraulic Expansions Chucks, Shrink Fit Chucks and HSK tooling systems etc. are among the leading level of the world. There are more than 60 professional technicians in HARLINGEN R&D team to make innovation and supply customized products and turnkey projects. No matter you are turning a rod in some places in Asia, or you are going to make profile milling in North America, THINK CUTTING, THINK HARLINGEN. We deliver you with confidence and trust … when it comes to precision machining, HARLINGEN always hold and shape your dream.

Our statement of core value as well as our long cultivated common culture at HARLINGEN is

☑ Quality

☑ Responsibility

☑ Customer Focus

☑ Commitment

Welcome to visit us at any time. You will have more confidence!


Facing with the keen competition and continuing requirement of customers, we quite understand that even we have gained all these achievements, the decline is always in the offing. We must keep improving.

If you have any suggestions, or comments, please feel free to advise us. We value that as the most pivotal impulse for our pace forward. We, at HARLINGEN, look forward to working with you in this heady, fascinating industrial times!